Mike Bronowicz

“Your only job in life is to live a life that you love”

Coach Mike Bronowicz is originally from Pittsburgh, PA where he grew up participating in a variety of competitive sports.   At a young age, Mike fell in love with ice hockey after watching his second cousin play in high school playoff game.   The next day he asked his parents to take him to a local ice arena to begin to learn to skate.  For the next 15 years he was on the ice 5 days a week.  Mike started at the mite level and progressed all the way to captain of his DII collegiate hockey team at Bucknell University.  Its was during his years at Bucknell that Mike realized the impact of the coaching that he received growing up in the sport.  He values his experiences during those 15 years as an education that not only developed physical ability in the sport, but ingrained the principles of coaching deep into the core of his leadership style.

After Bucknell,  Mike went on to own and operate a general construction company for 14 years.   After 12 years of fixing, rennovating, and building various residential and commercial projects, Mike reunited with an old college friend to build a gym in Chicago, IL called The Foundry.  During the project he learned about the concepts of functional fitness and how the business works.  Mike quickly saw an opportunity to utilize his processes background and coaching leadership style to help the The Foundry beyond just building the physical space.  He worked as a consultant with The Foundry to create processes and procedures that would further solidify The Foundry brand and make it a top fitness facility in downtown Chicago.

Today, Mike continues to expand his career as Founder and process guru of Elemental Fit here in Greensboro, NC.  Mike is responsible for developing the brand experience for our clients.  You will see him around the gym making physical improvements to the facility as well as process improvements for providing our services.   While his role is largely behind the scenes working with our coaching staff, Mike enjoys building relationships with our members and learning how to serve them best.