Nick Foy

Coach Nick Foy is a native North Carolinian hailing from Richlands.   While growing up near the Atlantic coast he enjoyed participating in sports such as soccer and baseball,  but all the while, developed a true passion for surfing.   Surfing quickly became a regular activity for Nick because it was both challenging and rewarding.  “The power of the ocean cannot be tamed, but it can be harnessed for its enjoyment and beauty”.  Nick’s lives by the motto of his favorite surfer, Dana Brown,  “By keeping it light, the heavy can be handled.”

Nick was living out his dream surfing on a daily basis when his career with PepsiCo relocated him to the land locked Triad.  This move left him with a void that needed to be filled.  He searched high and low to find an activity that could challenge him both mentally and physically just as surfing once did.   After trying out a couple fitness facilities, Nick found exactly what he was looking for when he began strength training.  Once again, Nick leveraged his natural athleticism to advance quickly through the ranks of movement progression and realized that he was in the best shape of his life.

It wasn’t to long before we noticed him hanging around the gym doing extra credit work, helping others improve, and even volunteering his time to help keep our facility it tip-top shape.   It was obvious to us that he would be a great addition to our organization.   As such, we asked Nick to join our team as an assistant coach.  Initially, he wasn’t sure if he was going to be comfortable talking in front of a group.  But in traditional Nick style, he adapted, and quickly overcame the stage fright.  He immersed himself in fitness and movement education and also completed our grueling coach development training program (1 in 8 actually finish).  Coach Nick is confident and competent.  He loves helping other people achieve their goals, and seeing them achieve things that they never thought possible for themselves.  His caring and easygoing personality makes him a true asset to our coaching staff and a major contributor to the success of Elemental Fit.

As our morning associate coach, Nick is responsible for building and managing relationships with our members, keeping them on track with their goals, and giving them the proper support and guidance to sustain a healthy lifestyle.